Thank you!

Thanks to all who helped put us over the top for our Indiegogo project, with over $4000 in advance sales!  Your support of our project has meant so much, and I know it will mean even more to the children who are benefiting from these donations.
Now that our advance sales are behind us, all of the Ranger suite of products can be purchased from our website,  Of course, there are many other web site where the book can be purchased as well.  Buying from our web site maximizes the amount per book that goes to MassGeneral Hospital for Children.
You’ll be happy to know that even our Opus One Studios fulfillment provider is a ‘worthy cause,’ so shipping and handling charges are put to good use.  The mission of MVLE in Springfield, VA is ‘to create futures, one person at a time, for people with disabilities through employment and support services.
Once again, I just want to share my sincerest “thanks” for all of your support.  We really couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you for helping us make a difference for all of these children.

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About Opus One Studios

Opus One Studios is a small business operated on a non-profit basis. It's purpose is to develop and market a variety of media products, with all proceeds from sales going to benefit one or more worthy causes

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