Meet the Gang!

Now that we’re over halfway through our IndieGoGo goal, I’d like to take some time to introduce you to the main characters of our tale.



Ranger is the hero of our tale.  Like most reindeer, he dreamed of pulling Santa’s sleigh.  However, even when he turned  three years old, Ranger had not yet proven himself as a flier.  In fact, Ranger couldn’t fly at all.  It was a sore point for him. Not every reindeer could fly, of course, but his own brother, Rudolph, could.  Determined to fly before Christmas, Ranger was asking everyone in Santaland for the secret to flying.  However, before he was able to get his hooves off the snow, Ranger was put on an important assignment which required him to pull a sleigh all the way to the village of Krystalwite.  All of Santaland was depending on Ranger to make the trip there and back in just 2 days!



Carlanna is the daughter of one of the toymaker elves.  More importantly, she is Ranger’s best friend in all of Santaland.  Like the other elf children, Carlanna spends most of her day in school. But when school lets out, she usually heads right for the workshop or the warehouse to find Ranger. She had made it her job to keep him well groomed.



The oldest and wisest elf in Santa’s workshop.  As Ranger’s friend, he gives Ranger some important advice regarding the secret of flying: “The secret lies within.” Ranger wants to know “within what?” but no one will answer that question.  So Ranger decides to search everywhere in Santaland for the secret.


An older toymaker elf, Sergland (like most of the other toymakers) has a nicely embroidered apron he wears over his clothes in the workshop.  Like Norgrum, Sergland gives Ranger the same flying advice: “The secret lies within.”


You probably already know the story of Rudolph, but what you didn’t know is that Rudolph is Ranger’s older brother.  As a dutiful big brother, Rudolph insists that Ranger find the secret to flying on his own.




Zarvett is the head reindeer keeper in Santaland.  It’s his job to make sure that the reindeer are healthy and ready for their Christmas eve mission. Zarvett and Ranger make the urgent trip to Krystalwite together.


Arjenna is a pharmacist elf in Krystalwite, as well as a long time friend of Zarvett. It is Arjenna that holds the key to getting the reindeer well in time for Christmas.


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Opus One Studios is a small business operated on a non-profit basis. It's purpose is to develop and market a variety of media products, with all proceeds from sales going to benefit one or more worthy causes

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